Yealink Releases New VC Products VP59, CTP20 and V40

Yealink, the global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of Flagship Smart Video Phone VP59, Collaboration Touch Panel CTP20 and upgraded video conferencing room system in V40.
Constantly pursuing quality, Yealink is committed to providing customers with the ultimate conference collaboration experience.
With leading technology, these new products allow users to share content and discuss freely in a video conference to achieve efficient output.
Flagship Smart Video Phone – VP59
Yealink VP59 is a dedicated designed smart video phone to meet the communication need of executives and teleworkers.
The VP59 boasts an advanced 84˚ HD front camera, which enables a broad and clear view when conferencing.
When matched with WPP20, VP59 accommodates the need of wireless content sharing by simply one tap, delivering the most convenient desktop conferencing experience.
What’s more, VP59 can connect to PC monitor or TV for screen extension with one HDMI cable, easily transforming a desktop meeting into a huddle room.

Collaboration Touch Panel – CTP20

Yealink CTP20 is a collaborative touch panel that can be paired with Yealink’s new generation video conference solutions.
Its user-centered interactive design allows users to control meetings effortlessly.
The built-in annotation and whiteboard significantly improve meeting efficiency by enabling easy annotation on shared content and immediate discussion on the whiteboard.
Adopting an industry-leading 13.3-inch touch screen and equipped with an active capacitive pen, CTP20 creates a realistic writing environment where customers can focus just on the communication.

Yealink video conferencing room systems,
upgraded to V40

The whole series of Yealink new generation products (VC200 / VC500 / VC800 / VC880) now support multiple collaborative features, including but not limited to electronic whiteboard, annotation on content sharing, touchscreen interoperability and multi-screen interaction.
Besides, Yealink enriches the audio options with the new VCM34 and MSpeaker to enhance the audio quality as much as possible.
The VCM34 provides optimal HD voice with its built-in 3-microphone array.
VCM34 enables 6-meter 360°voice pickup and can be cascaded up to 4 units, which is adaptable to different shapes of desks.
MSpeaker is a sound bar used for large rooms. Its built-in 4 full-range drivers ensure that every attendee can hear clearly.
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