Evergreen content is the saviour of SMEs. It saves time, drives traffic and can be used again and again- meaning it has an exceptionally high return on investment. If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team in house, evergreen is the strategy you need to implement to ensure you can build a presence online. Here’s the whats, whys and hows to help you get started:

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It focuses on topics that are continuously relevant, regardless of current events, the season or public mood. You might have already sussed that the name comes from evergreen plants that keep their colour all year round!

Why should I focus on evergreen content?

Evergreen content is great because it:

  • Saves time: you won’t need to make changes to the content to keep it relevant
  • Drives a constant stream of organic content to your site
  • Has a high ROI

Absolutely everyone will benefit from introducing evergreen content to their digital marketing efforts. That said, for those without in house marketing teams, evergreen holds a special power. It’s the strategy that helps you create effective content, that keeps your social media and website blog full of colour and is actually manageable alongside the day job. Similarly, if you’re chatting to freelance content creators who can assist with your marketing, it’s worth speaking to them about their evergreen packages rather than blowing the budget on content that’s only relevant this day/week/month.

What content formats should I consider?

Below are some common evergreen formats you may consider creating:

  • How-to Guides
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Video’s
  • Encyclopedia-esque articles or FAQs for common terminology

ideal evergreen content formats

How do I start?

Before you can produce your evergreen content, you need to discover which search topics are continuously relevant. That’s what’s going to ensure that your content keeps working for you, long after you’ve posted it. To get started, review the main keywords for your website. Which have a consistently high level of traffic or high click-through rates? These are the topics that are likely to drive a consistent flow of traffic your way and they’re terms people already look to you for advice. Create content relating to these keyword ‘topics’ And you’ve hit the jackpot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t hide your content!
    There’s no point producing a beautiful piece of content, only to post it on your blog and let it be forgotten forevermore. Re-run your evergreen content periodically, share it on social media or add it to relevant areas of your site.
  • Key an eye on SEO
    Whilst you shouldn’t need to refresh your content too regularly, it’s good to practise to monitor the SEO performance and make small adjustments to keep your ranking up. For example, there might be new findings or articles you can link to, in order to boost your appearance in the search results.
  • Write for Beginners
    You want your content to reach a large, repeat audience and ultimately, you probably want it to create interest in your products. It’s tempting to show off your expertise, but this could lead to it being too complicated for the average reader. Keep it simple, clear and concise to attract maximum attention.

Find Your Inspiration

To get the cogs turning, here are some great evergreen content ideas that are relevant to selling 3CX. We’ve added the not-so-evergreen version on the right so that you can see the difference just from the headlines!
evergreen content idea