Answer the Door to Incoming Visitors

Video doorphone with 3CX Web Client in active call
Visitors can simply press the speed-dial button assigned to your extension and you will receive a video call via the Web Client UI. Answer the call to welcome the visitor and use an optional remote controller to open the door. You can even forward calls to your mobile phone, giving you instant access to who’s at your doorstep even when you’re not there.

Ensure Nobody Is Left Unattended

Video doorphone call forwarding in 3CX Web Client
Frequently away from your desk? Set up your Web Client’s forwarding rules with multiple extensions to handle visitor calls. The call from the door phone will be forwarded to the next available extension until it gets answered. You can also configure the door phone extension as a prioritized queue, making sure that visitor calls are always handled promptly.

Grant Access to Shared/Restricted Areas

Make the 3CX Web Client the ideal companion to your door phone device and use it as your trusted security guard. Co-workers in a shared area in your office or warehouse can press the speed-dial button to visually communicate with you via the Web Client. And that’s not all… You can also use this device with supported RFID smartcards and local password entry to provide unattended but controlled access to a restricted area.

Monitor the Floor Before Deciding What Comes Next

Video doorphone monitoring with 3CX Web Client
Waiting for a package and want to monitor when the delivery man arrives? Just use the Web Client to video call the extension assigned to the door phone and you can quickly monitor the area and converse with the delivery man upon his arrival. You can use the same functionality to monitor a storage warehouse, a controlled area or an elevator. The possibilities are endless.

Getting Started

Configuring the device for use with 3CX is a breeze. Simply follow our guide and once provisioned, visitors or personnel can use the new door phone as an added 3CX extension. As 3CX poses no limit on integration, this gives you the flexibility to combine a first-class PBX with any number of supported devices. Supported devices include popular SIP door phones, like Fanvil i SeriesAlphatech’s IP video door phones and CyberData IP Intercom devices. Check the complete list of supported door phone devices that can be used in conjunction with 3CX and be a door opener.