One door – two ways to open it. The new 2N intercom combo modules increase security and convenience at building entrances

Two new modules designed for access control broaden the possibilities for use of the premium 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso door intercoms and offer a combination of two technologies for user authentication at office and residential building entrances: Bluetooth and RFID or a Touch Keypad and RFID.

2N, the largest global manufacturer of IP intercoms, is today presenting two new combined access modules which can be connected to 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso door intercoms and conveniently combine an RFID reader with either Bluetooth or a Touch Keypad. This combination of tried and tested technologies lets you simultaneously ensure security and convenient building access.

Touch Keypad & RFID reader – code and card

The Touch Keypad & RFID reader module combines a capacitive touch keypad with a secure RFID card reader. The multi-frequency RFID reader can scan a wide range of RFID cards, from unsecured 125kHz cards all the way through to secure 13.56MHz chips. It simplifies gradual transition to newer and safer RFID technology without the need to immediately replace all building access cards, which is usually a very financially demanding process. A keypad can also allow access via a PIN, either as an alternative or to double the layer of security. Because the module replaces two or three other separate modules, it saves a significant amount of installation space and simplifies setup of the 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso intercoms.

Bluetooth & RFID reader – mobile phone and card

In addition to a multi-frequency RFID reader, the Bluetooth & RFID reader permits user authentication using a smartphone with Bluetooth and the 2N® Mobile Key app. The module lets you set various communication distances and two authentication modes: a simple press of a button in the mobile app, or for an extra layer of security, a press of a button verified by a PIN entered into the app. Access mode using an RFID card or mobile telephone can be set either as an alternative or used to enhance security with mandatory double authentication. The module is extremely suitable for office buildings where “traditional” users can keep using RFID cards while simultaneously allowing more progressive employees or management to use their smartphones.

Both combined modules extend the possibilities of our 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso compact door communicators and are ideally suited for entrances to office or residential buildings and villas. Whether users prefer a more traditional method of secure access via a PIN or RFID card or a progressive method using a smartphone, the new modules let you choose the most suitable solution,” said Vít Kovařík, Marketing Director at 2N Telekomunikace.

Technical specifications of the Bluetooth & RFID reader

  • Bluetooth reader:

    • Version: compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher (BLE)

    • Range: adjustable (short ~ 0.5 m, medium ~ 2 m, long ~ up to 10 m)

    • Modes: screen tap in app, two-factor authentication (with a PIN)

    • Security: RSA-1024 and AES-128 encryption

    • Mobile app: available for Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 (or higher)

  • RFID reader:

    • 125kHz (EM4100, EM4102, Prox)

    • 13.56MHz (ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693, NFC support)

    • also reads secure iCLASS® cards with SIO support

Technical specifications of the Touchpad & RFID reader

  • Touch Keypad
    • highly sensitive capacitive touchpad technology
    • regular automatic calibration (SmartSense Auto-tuning)
    • does not detect false touches, for example, caused by drops of water
    • weather-resistant
    • backlighting with adjustable brightness
    • acoustic response each time a key is pressed
  • RFID card reader:

    • 125kHz (EM4100, EM4102, Prox)

    • 13.56MHz (ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693, NFC support)

      • also reads secure iCLASS® cards with SIO support

More information about 2N is available from: or +603 9212 0117