New T5X Build in Bluetooth Feature

Yealink have build in Bluetooth on all phones in there new T5x series.

• T5S Smart Media Phones deliver crystal-clear immersive conversations thanks to Optima HD voice and Yealink Noise Proof technology that effectively eliminate non-human background noise.
• The T58V and the T58A support HD video communication with Yealink’s CAM50 (optional on the T58A). In addition to an adjustable seven-inch touchscreen interface, the phones enable users to access lifelike video calls easily and to adjust the viewing angle flexibly. Increase communication productivity by making every conversation clear, comfortable and focused.
Using the Bluetooth it gives some cool features for the way you use the phone, so please see the video.

There are so lot more features we want to show, so please contact our sales team or 03-9212 0117