Looking for low-priced yet powerful PBX? Meet Yeastar S- Series VOIP PBX.

Dream big, start small. But most of all, start.


While most of the PBX focusing on business with 50++ user, Yeastar S-Series is great for startup companies as we can start as low as 5 user. But do not let the price fools you, Yeastar S-Series is a powerful PBX which offer numerous features.

Several of the features:

  • All office extension feature

Click/touch to make, receive, transfer or record a call and check voicemails and recordings from anywhere.

  • Instant messaging & file sharing

Text anyone from your company directory and share file in real-time with ease. Powered by Linkus Cloud Service.

  • CRM integration

Screen-pop upon calls and more from your Outlook Contacts, Google Contacts, Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Presence

See who is available, busy or offline immediately and intuitively with colored status indicator.

  • One number on all devices

Maintain a single number across devices with Linkus installed on your computer, iPhone or Android phones.

  • Compatibility

Can manage most of IP Phone brands in the market

Feel free to contact us, so we can give you a free demo on the system.


Hensem Posted by : Muhammad Shahril Amin, Product Engineer