The STUN Protocol and VoIP

STUN stands for Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) through Network Address Translators (NAT’s). Typically it is used in several different network implementations and scenarios, one of which is in VoIP implementations. Because of the way protocols used in...

What is RTP – Real-time Transport Protocol?

RTP – short for Real-time Transport Protocol defines a standard packet format for delivering audio and video over the Internet. It is defined in RFC 1889. It was developed by the Audio Video Transport Working group and was first published in 1996. RTP is used...

A Take on SSL, CRT, CSR and What?

If it was 1990 we would most likely not speak about this at all and I would prepare to start my week, nice and easy. However as we are writing in 2016, in the times of the NSA and Snowden and co who made us realize even more that the internet is not just a nice place...

What is a virtual call center?

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they deliver savings for employers, but they also boost improved employee and customer satisfaction rates. What is a virtual call center?   A virtual contact center is...

What Does 5G Mean For The Future of VOIP?

  The evolution of the smartphone and other mobile devices has taken place far more rapidly than for many other technologies, and changes continue apace as we move into 2018. The days of using painfully slow and limited 3G data connections while we impatiently...

VoIP vs. Landline: Which Is Better for Business?

If you're like a lot of business owners and you struggle to understand the difference between VoIP and traditional landline phone systems, you might benefit from a bit of literature on the topic. VoIP and landlines both offer business benefits, but there are...

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