What is the ROI of Unified Communications?

Unified Communications provided a vital lifeline for businesses during the 2020 pandemic. Thanks to UC, employees were able to connect, communicate and collaborate when physical workspaces were declared off-limits. And whilst the long term impact of the pandemic is...

Top communication strategies for distributed teams

One thing the current global pandemic has highlighted is the feasibility of remote working. With many of us working out of our homes, the staff is no longer meeting face to face in the office every day. All the best communication strategies now need to be tweaked to...

10 Reasons to Move Your Customers to the Cloud

As SaaS takes over, making the switch will ensure your customers can take advantage of new technologies and futureproof existing ones.   As with all technology, making the decision to move your business communications system to the cloud can be met with...

Using 3CX like a boss – Android Tips & Tricks

When it comes to new apps or even the native functions of our devices, it can take a significant amount of exploring to realize their full potential. And, when those apps relate to our work, we’re even less likely to spend time getting to know them better.   So...

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