Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

Yealink RoomPanel for Microsoft Teams

Utilize and Manage Your Meeting Spaces with Exceptional Ease and Efficiency Intelligent Room Scheduling Solution with Native Microsoft Teams Experience Yealink RoomPanel is one of the dedicated Microsoft Teams devices with compact touchscreen and ideal for mounted...

Why Business Messaging is the Future

In the US, over 6 billion SMS messages are sent every day making it the most popular messaging tool on the planet. But there’s a new kid on the block that’s putting SMS to the test: Facebook Messenger is hot on its heels with 3 billion users per month! Messaging has...

Forward the Call Accordingly using 3CX Call Queue

  Different business have different type of a ring group. While most PBX only offer 2 type of polling strategies, using 3CX call queue feature give you more than 10 type of polling strategies. Having a right polling strategies will ensure call flow perfectly to...

Bridging between two or more PBX

You can connect two or more 3CX system together by using 3CX bridging feature, this will made calls between branches offices become free just by using existing internet connection. A 3CX Bridge can also pass the traffic between the 2 PBXs via the tunnel protocol. This...

Move you communication to the cloud

Move you communication to the cloud

We have now the best offer in town. Are you a small company there need to have a phone system there can follow you where you go, even when work from home in case of lock-down. Then AstriCloud have the right solution for you with a price as low RM435 per month for 5...

Greener Office with VOIP Phone System

How VOIP PBX can lead to greener office?     For many businesses, going green is not only an option, but a necessity. Aside from contributing towards a more sustainable environment, incorporating Earth-friendly practices also lets businesses enjoy cost...

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