Keep 3CX v16 in Sync with Office 365

One of the most prominent 3CX v16 features is its enhanced integration with Office 365, making a powerful combination even better. The updated v16 integration module enables easy configuration for:

  • Office 365 users one-way syncing to 3CX extensions,
  • Personal contacts syncing from Office 365 to 3CX phonebooks, and
  • Setting 3CX users’ status based on their Office 365 calendar.

Sync Office 365 Users to 3CX Extensions

Sync Office 365 Users with your 3CX PBX
Managing a system with many users can be a hassle, let alone managing two! The latest 3CX version lightens your workload, enabling you to focus on managing your Office 365 users, while it keeps the users in sync with their respective extensions in the background. 3CX v16 can monitor your Office 365 account and automatically:

  • Create new extensions for the new Office 365 users you create,
  • Update extension details when the Office 365 user info is updated, and
  • Delete the extensions when Office 365 users are deleted.

Sync Office 365 Contacts to 3CX Phonebooks

Sync Office 365 contacts with your PBX phonebook
People using Office 365 like to keep things simple, managing their contacts from the ease of their smartphone or browser. The new version of 3CX extends this simplicity by syncing the users’ Office 365 contacts to their 3CX phonebooks. No more switching between apps and tabs when searching for someone to call via 3CX, as your personal 3CX phonebook is kept updated with your Office 365 contacts. Just open your 3CX app’s phonebook and dial away!

Sync Extension Status with Office 365 Calendar

Sync your Office 365 calendar with your PBX
If you are using Office 365 with 3CX v16, don’t bother switching your status when you are away. The updated 3CX integration module includes automation options to set your extension status and forwarding profile, based on your Office 365 calendar. Just create an entry in your Office 365 calendar and 3CX sets your extension status based on the “Show As” option in your calendar:

  • “Busy” or “Working Elsewhere” switches to “Do Not Disturb”
  • “Out of office” or “Away” switches to “Away”

When your meeting is done at the specified time, 3CX switches your profile back to the previous status.

Modular and Secure

Sync Office 365 Extension Status with your PBX
The Office 365 integration module showcases our dedication to open and secure industry standards, as they enable us to make two diverse internet-facing systems like 3CX and Office 365 communicate securely and effectively. This v16 integration and others, like the updated CRM module, can be experienced by downloading the 3CX v16 Alpha for Windows or Linux, or use our PBX Express tool and we’ll configure a brand new PBX for you to try!