All in one Contact Center Solution

The increasing of demand for contact center has grow since world has been shocked with the pandemic. Why this happen? First, people has been utilizing phone system instead of going physically and wait several hour more just for a simple inquiry and complain. Secondly, most contact center has improve their system lately with most of top notch contact center solution has a very handful features to interact with their clients
If you looking for a contact center solution, here is some feature that you need to look at:

  1. Omnichannel
  • a contact center is only called contact center when that have different platform to reach their client other than voice call. Since most people nowadays use social media to interact with other. An agent should be able to reach client via social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram and others. For a b2b contact center, they need a more professional way to contact other and most of us can agree that email if better than Facebook for business conversation.

2.   Call Dialer

  • leave the simple-simple task to the system. Now agent do not need to key in number to make calls anymore. Supervisor can assign set of numbers to specific agent for them to make call. For example Agent need to call 100 numbers today so the supervisor can assign 100 numbers to the agent and the system will automatically dial those number and what agent need to do is sit and talk. Other type of dialer is call blasting, let say you have an information to tell more than 1000 people. The best way is to do is create a call blasting campaign and let the system dial the numbers and the callee will automatically listen to the prompt without any agent involve. Easy. This can save a lot of time and man power.

3.   Report and tracking

  • a serious contact center should have a KPI for the agents. So the system should able to record any kind of report so it will match the required prospect. Recording of the call whether it is a live call or not should be able to access by the supervisor. A plus point for a system which can encrypt the recording so it doesnt falls to wrong hand.

Thats it for now, if you looking for a contact center solution, AstriCC might be the one that suit for your business. Contact us for further explanation and a test account