Forward the Call Accordingly using 3CX Call Queue

Different business have different type of a ring group. While most PBX only offer 2 type of polling strategies, using 3CX call queue feature give you more than 10 type of polling strategies. Having a right polling strategies will ensure call flow perfectly to the extensions and possible cut cost by reducing number of lines needed.
To put it in shorts Call Queues allow calls to be queued, so that agents can take calls when they are available. If all agents are busy, calls are kept waiting until an agent is available. The Call Queue feature is only available in PRO and ENTERPRISE editions.
Now let see what polling strategies that can be use:

If you need description on those polling strategies above, click here
Personally I think having Hunt by Threes Random polling strategy can suit any offices or contact center since number of extension ringing at the same time is not to low and is not too much so that its not making so much noise when there is a call in. What do you think? We can have a chit-chat if you want by contact us