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Chat with your website visitors with the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin

Live Chat the 3CX Way

Imagine opening a window to your web site’s visitors so that they can simply talk to you. The new “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin for WordPress transforms your imagination into reality, integrating your web site’s live chat function with 3CX v16. Read on to discover the “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin’s exciting features:

  • Super-easy – site visitors can chat, talk and meet with you literally at the click of a button.
  • Free for you and your visitors – with no subscriptions or additional charges, the plugin works like an international toll-free number, no matter where your visitors are coming from.
  • Simple to setup – 1. Install 3CX > 2. Install plugin > 3. Start talking!

Talk to Your Customers on the Spot

Get the 3CX Live chat & Talk plugin for WordPress
Customer service simply means providing easy and fast help to your customers, when and how they need it. The “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin for WordPress enables you to do just that, opening a window to engage with your web site’s visitors in real-time, promptly answer their questions and convert them to customers. The “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin can simplify your communication, increase sales and customer loyalty by on-the-spot chatting or calling your web site visitors for free.

Lower the Barriers to Entry – Chat, Audio or Video

Receive calls from your website visitors with the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin
At 3CX we practise the KISS principle (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) to make the customer’s experience as smooth as possible. Applying this, the “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin enables visitors to just click the “Audio” or “Video” call buttons to talk to you without the need to install additional applications, drivers, controls or dial long numbers:

  • Elevating the customer’s experience with simple and direct communication to your team.
  • Providing on-the-spot free calls to your site visitors to convert them to customers.
  • Handling large numbers of calls with v16’s powerful queue engine to streamline and drive your sales to new levels.

Meet Face-to-Face

Video chat with your website visitors with the 3CX Live chat & Talk plugin
Stay focused on what is useful to your customers and supercharge their experience by meeting them on-line in a video call at the click of a button. Employing innovative WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology, the “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin for WordPress is:

  • Fast, connecting site visitors as soon as your agents can respond using the 3CX Web Client or the free iOS and Android apps.
  • Efficient, as video calls simplify issue investigation and resolution, e.g. inspecting visually a hardware or software issue.
  • A competitive advantage, elevating your visitors’ experience from chat to call to video call to convince them to commit.

Requirements and Known Limitations

  1. Video call is not working as expected on iOS devices, to be addressed in an upcoming release.
  2. Internet explorer is not supported

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