How old are you when you know that 3CX has their own built in conferencing platform?

There are tonnes of conferencing platform nowadays as people start looking for alternative from physically meet. Good news is you already a 3CX phone system user so why looking for other platform that require you to pay just to use conferencing software as 3CX already has a built in conferencing platform which has many features.
Since it is tied to a PBX so its already an advantage compare to others since you can join the call via calls plus the details of other extension user already in the system thus its easier for you to send meeting invitation. So lets me show you a bit on the conferencing platform,

  1. First you need to login to your web client. If you lost your account credential, worry not, just contact your system administrator and they will send you again the credential in no time.


2.  Then click on Schedule Conference

3. Select conferencing type

You can choose whether the conference will be audio only or it is a video conference. Then if you notice if you chose video then you need to select
WebMeeting Profile type:
WebMeeting: Can see each other faces.
Webiner (Classroom): Whole participant only seeing to organizer.
4. Next will be the timing for the conference.

If you want the conference to be on the spot then choose “Now” and if you want to schedule it for later then choose “Later”. There will be option to choose the time and date when you select later.
5. Put some Subject and Notes to the meeting invitation

Those will appear in the invitation email
6.  Afterword is to select the medium to send the invitation email

There are 5 options available, if you prefer the normal traditional way to send the invitation then choose “Email (Legacy, No RSVP)”. This way you can add the participant emails manual or search by 3CX contact.
7. Lastly, click “Create Meeting”.

Congratulation! You have created a conference call. Now for you the organizer to join the meeting, go back to “Schedule Conference” and click the meeting link and it will bring you the the meeting page.

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Hensem Posted by : Muhammad Shahril Amin, Product Engineer