Do people remember number nowadays?

Difference Between PSTN & VoIP in Tabular Form – AHIRLABS
The answer is quite obvious. NO, people do not remember number. We have asked around 50 people on our office and 90% of them can not even remember their parents phone number. What they normally do is open up the phone contact and search for their parents number. The point is, we see that some businesses are too afraid to change their main number. They stay loyal to their old PSTN number and they missed out a new technology which definitely can bring them up.


First we talk about VOIP, the only disadvantage compare to PSTN is if you cut the internet means no call out and call in. But we already think about it, that is why our PABX system allow you to receive and make call using mobile apps. So incase of power or network down in your office, you still wont miss a call.
Compare to VOIP, PSTN is an old technology which is a pioneer of modern telephony. It does have several major drawback. The most common is the cost, we understand that to lay a cable across the country is not cheap but this is why VOIP come in this modern wireless world.
Since we no need internet for PSTN line. Thus the only advantage is they can operate without internet fullstop.
In VOIP case, all the PSTN line flaws is fixed here. Line to costly? VOIP cheaper. Cant move the number to another office? VOIP can. Call quality bad?. Never worried about choppy audio using VOIP!!
Conclusion, we do understand that some business might have their number in bill board or some advertising platform which is hard to change in short time notice. But if you go with our PABX system, we can lend you FXO gateway for a period so that during that period you can inform your client that you changing number FOR FREE.