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Features of Astri CC Cloud Contact Center Solution

Multi-lingual Support: AstriCC can be managed via multiple languages. This functionality can be used to show the portal in the user’s preferred language.

Trunk/Gateway Management:

Trunk is needed for outbound campaigns. For outbound calls there will be an outbound rule which will be associated with a particular trunk, so that calls can go through the trunk by that rule.Trunk is needed for outbound campaigns. For outbound calls there will be an outbound rule which will be associated with a particular trunk, so that calls can go through the trunk by that rule.

Campaign Management:

A campaign can be configured to set a series of actions for campaigning like what script should be used, what contacts should be called and what contacts should not be called, campaign start and end time, action for campaign on/off activities, etc. Campaigns can be configured for inbound/outbound calls, inbound/outbound SMS, Emails, Chats and Social Media.

Configurable Scripts:

This page is for adding or editing the scripts for campaigns. Scripts are the text that will be shown to the agents participating in the campaign to help them talk to the customer.

Lead Management:

Leads are the customers to whom agent would be calling by running a job through a campaign.

Easy Agent Management:

Admin can easily create and manage the agents. The admin can edit agent accesses as well.

Inbuilt Basic CRM:

AstriCC has an in-built mini CRM. That is having basic details of the customers. Custom fields can be added by the admin.

Outbound Job Scheduler:

 It is a feature in the job module, which can be used to schedule outbound calling timings.

Easy to Configure Call Routing:

 Caller ID based routing, skill based routing, and internal routing can be done easily.

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Type of Deployment

    • Skill based Agent Mapping:

      Using skill based routing, the customer calls will be routed to the agents with whom customer would be interested in talking to, as the calls will be segmented on the basis of each agent’s skills. This makes the communication more precise and raises the accuracy level.


    • Agent Callback Management:

      Agent can fill callback in the disposition and can do a callback on the pre-defined time and also can edit the time of the callback.


    • Outbound Job Scheduler:

      It is a feature in the job module, which can be used to schedule outbound calling timings.

    • Easy to Configure Call Routing:

      Caller ID based routing, skill based routing, and internal routing can be done easily.


    • WebRTC based Agent & Supervisor Clients:

      Agent & Supervisor can use all the communication channels (Voice, SMS, Chat, Email, and Social Media) by the WebRTC system itself. There is no need to use any other IP or Softphone for calling purpose greatly reducing hardware costs


    • Voicemail:

      Voicemail is used whenever an agent cannot attend a call. The customer can then send a voicemail to the agent. This will be the agent’s failover activity. All the voicemails which are recorded in system can be seen by the admin.


    • Advanced ACD:

      System has an advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) which can manage and distribute all the calls according to the strategies and availability of the agents. It is used in all our dialler modes for automatic calling.Music on Hold (MOH): When a customer calls to an agent and the agent has put the call on hold, or if he is busy or he transfers the call to another agent then a hold music will be played to the customer i.e. MOH.


    • Multi Level Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

      There is no limitation of levels in the IVR. IVR into IVR can also be created. In IVR survey, all the questions are listed for the selected survey with their response and response count can be seen by the admin.

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    • Recording, Playback & Download Options: The system has the option to record all agent-customer calls, play them on the portal itself and download them to listen on some 3rd party software. This is a very good option to maintain quality control of the contact center agents. Encryption Module can be purchased to encrypt all call recording using a client defined key

    • Real Time Queue & Agent Status: This tab shows the number of agents and supervisor that are logged in, on calls, on break, ringing and waiting, wrapping up the last call, on-dial and in which queue they are.



    • Social Media Integration: The system has three types of social media channels which are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A customer can start a discussion with the agents through these social media channels. When a customer posts a message through any of these channels or writes a comment on the post of the company then automatically a ticket gets generated and then the agent can start the discussions with the customer.
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    • Real Time Call Status: This feature shows both type of call status: Agent call status and System call status:
      • Agent call status: This feature shows whether the agent is waiting for the call, On-Dial, wrapping-up the call, etc.
      • System call status: This feature shows the total number of Calls, dialled calls, received calls, answered calls, abandoned calls, transferred calls, calls in a queue, etc.


    • Real Time Campaign Monitor: It shows the call summary for a particular campaign like inbound or outbound, agents logged in, abandoned & connected calls and ratio for the same. It also shows that the calls that are in a campaign are either live agent calls or waiting calls. User can add multiple campaign monitoring tabs by selecting different campaigns.


    • Real Time Reports: It gives the details about Live Agents, Live Supervisors, Live Calls, Phone number, Trunk/Rule Destination, Destination name, Agent, Call Start Time, Call Queue Time, Call Agent Time, etc. This way the admin can get to know all the real time reports of his supervisors and agents.


    • Standard Reports: There are more than 50 reports in the system in different panels such as Admin reports, Supervisor reports, Agent reports, etc.


    • Week Off Mode: During company week-offs the admin can set the week off days and then can select respective fail over activity. This way when a customer calls the company, the call can go to a defined failover activity.


    • Holiday Mode: When there is a holiday in the company the admin can set the holiday days and then can select the respective failover activity. This way when a customer calls the company, the call can go to a defined failover activity.


    Features of Astri CC Cloud Contact Center Solution

    •  Sticky Agent:

      Sticky agent connects the call to the same agent who handled the previous case history of the customer. This avoids the need for repetition and enables smart and effective follow ups.


    • Barge-in / Coaching / Whisper:

      • Barge-in: When supervisor uses barge, the call becomes a conference call in which everyone can talk to and listen to each other, which means that the supervisor, agent and the customer can get in a conference.
      • Coach: In this type of call, only the agent can listen to the supervisor. It can be used by the supervisor to train the agent. The customer will not be able to know if anyone is helping the agent.
      • Monitor: In this type of call, no one can listen to the supervisor but the supervisor can hear the other two people. This feature is also known as spying.


    • Automatic Missed/Abandoned Call Dialling:

      When a campaign is created with a job of all missed calls received by the system, then at the time to run a job that campaign will start and automatically calls will be done to all the numbers from which call were missed earlier.


      • DNC (Do Not Call) Control:

        There is a list of contacts for campaigns that cannot be called during that campaign. These calls are marked as DO NOT CALL in the Job/Campaign.


      • Call Disposition Details:

        When an incoming or outgoing call ends, the agent needs to fill some details regarding the call. He also needs to provide an appropriate reason for the call disconnection, which is called disposition. Disposition can be defined as the outcome of the call. Agent needs to fill disposition within wrap up time set in queue, else the disposition gets filled with Default System Description i.e. auto-disposition. 




    • Agent Break Details:

      This report shows the details of each agent’s total break. This report can be searched through date range and agent name.


    • Live Call Monitoring:

      This feature shows the details of a live call such as Phone number, Trunk, DID, Rule, Destination, Destination Name, Agent, Call Start Time, Call Queue Time and Call Agent. It shows the information regarding inbound and outbound calls which are Live. Admin can monitor all the live calls from the real-time dashboard.




    AstriCloud provides you with all the tools you need to review your agents’ performance. Answered calls, abandoned calls, average longest waiting time and more are all within easy reach, allowing you to ensure that your call center is running smoothly at any given time.

    Do i need additonal software for these features

    No. All the call center features comes with 3CX Pro edition

    Do you have Queue and Call Back Features

    Yes we support Queuing and also call back features. Email alert can be sent on missed calls.


    • On premise Or Cloud
    • Lifetime License or Monthly Subscription
    • Call recording Encryption for Security
    • Call recording of inbound and outbound calls
    • Agents making a mess of a call? Use Barge in to take over
    • Single-Tenant & Multi-Tenant
    • 100% Voice Logging
    • Dashboard
    • Registration Status
    • Queue
    • Campaign
    • Multi-lingual Support
    • Trunk/Gateway Management

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