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Cloud-based Access Control System

Manage From Anywhere

Access multi-site management platform on any web-enabled device to easily administer credentials, revoke access and customize entries across all locations.

Cloud-Based Software

Scalable management and real-time reporting. Set schedules and access permissions for all your locations, in one simple interface

Automatic Software Updates

Experience future-proof access control that’s always secure, and always up-to-date. The Nuveq EP-3000 updates automatically as new software features and security enhancements become available.

Next-Generation Access Control

Cloud-based Access Control System | Mobile Access
Nuveq provides the most powerful and streamlined access control platform on the market. Experience full configuration and management from any internet -connected device. Manage users, create groups, open and close doors, set system rules, get Apps notifications & email alerts, and more. All in a unified Cloud management portal

Nuveq Cloud Access Portal is the future of access control. It is a single place where you can manage your entire Access control & security, from any web browser, in any location. No longer centred around a physical server, your needs are now easily met, from a small office with a single door to the largest corporation with thousands of offices worldwide.

Manage all your doors with a single interface and have a centralised record of all your access activities for all your branches located anywhere.

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