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At AstriCloud, we have local phone numbers available to you all over the world. No matter where you would like to have your own local phone number, we will be able to assist you.
Any local phone number you choose in any area of the world can be forwarded to any phone system, so you can receive local calls from around the world on a single phone line or phone system wherever you are.
What better way to allow people to get in touch with you than to provide them with a local number in their area? This makes calling you simple and affordable to whomever needs to contact you.
First of all, it is easy for people to call your local phone number because they will not need to dial a country code, international calling prefix, or area code.
Once they dial the local number, the call is forwarded to whatever phone you choose, where you can accept the call conveniently. It is a great way help people keep in touch with you when they need to.
For SME, let you Hong Kong business partners contact you via a local Hong Kong number, that is attached to you Phone System here in Malaysia
If you are wondering how local phone numbers work, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you were relocated by your job from Malaysia to New Zealand. You want your friends and family back in Malaysia to be able to contact you but you do not want them to have to pay high international calling rates.
To solve this dilemma, you simply sign up for a local phone number in Wellington and calls to that number will be forwarded to your phone in India, allowing you to pay for the calls instead of the people calling you.
There are many other reasons to have local numbers in specific places around the world. No matter what your reason is, United World Telecom can provide you with local phone numbers and call forwarding service at a very affordable cost.
Campaign period:
1st October 2019 – 31st December 2019

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