Bridging between two or more PBX

You can connect two or more 3CX system together by using 3CX bridging feature, this will made calls between branches offices become free just by using existing internet connection.
A 3CX Bridge can also pass the traffic between the 2 PBXs via the tunnel protocol. This is referred to as a Tunneled Bridge. Connecting 2 or more 3CX Systems together via bridges requires at least a PRO edition license.

The Master Bridge will control the connection between the 2 PBXs. It will listen for incoming connections from the Slave Bridge. If the connection is tunneled, it will listen on the PBX Tunnel Port, which by default, is 5090.
OK enough with some technical part, the best thing about using bridging is call between branches is free and it doesn’t matter if branches is in another country or another continent. Some other benefits are:

  • Centralize PBX
  • Easier to manage phone call
  • Forward call to different branches
  • Others variety feature in Web Client can be connected for example chat between branches, leaving a voicemail, intercom etc.

If you need a demonstration on this, do not hesitate to contact us