About AstriCloud

AstriCloud™ is a leader in cloud-based services for business and offers a wide range of communication technology like VOIP, CLoud PBX and even Virtual Numbers from anywhere in the world

What We Do

Voice IP/Fax IP

Phone Numbers, Hosted PABX, IVR, Electronic Fax


Video COnferencing System, Boardroom System, Meetings Online


Cloud Based CCTV. Access from anywhere

About Us

AstriCloud Sdn Bhd was incorporated to provide Cloud-based communications to businesses.

AstriCloud offers you 3CX Private Cloud IP-PBX telephony in Malaysia – Authorise “3CX Cloud Managed Hosting Partners” and “3CX Platinum Partners”. Now you can get 3CX Phone System in the cloud, and save on initial hardware, licensing, setup and maintenance costs.


  • Self Management

  • Slash Phone Bill & Communication Costs

  • Unified Communication

  • Softphone Client

  • Web Client

  • WebMeeting

  • Call Centre

  • CRM Integration

  • Hotel PBX Module

  • Fully Private Cloud

We compare the phone system, CCTV, door access and conferencing system with LEGO bricks. We can mix and match, get what you need.

How can that happen, the simple answer we use the same platform for all devices. Therefor can camera and door intercom be connected to the phone system? We are focusing on your cost, the possibility to the extent your system when you need and to the best cost.

Why pay a license for every extension numbers, when there is a system there is more simple and flexible.

  • You can open the door from any phone in the office.

  • Activation of alarm by motion detection on the CCTV camera can activate call to any video phone.

  • Attach speaker to the cameras and use these for intercom solutions.

  • Soft-phone installed on the Laptop/Mobile phone, so if the person is out of office he/she is still connected to the company phone system.

Only the Best



Traditional telephone systems pose limitations with regards to the number of users that can be handled and the number of lines purchased from the local telephone service provider. When it comes to virtual systems such as the hosted PBX telephone system, you can expand and grow them as per your business needs.


Easy to use

As far as hosted PBX systems are concerned, end-user management is a lot more user-friendly as compared to conventional solutions. Intuitive online interfaces allow  everyone to monitor, manage and introduce changes to any service, at any time. Also, there is no need for any kind of experience of specialized skills.


Worldwide Number

We provide Local & Toll-Free Numbers in 100+ countries. Our instant setup & hassle-free web management gets your International phone numbers ringing within minutes. Our advanced call routing options include Failover & Load Balancing and let you route calls as your business demands.

Years Experience

Completed Projects



Save your travel and telecommunications costs by up to 80%Transform your Business Communications and see your business grow. Additionally, with the integrated web conferencing, which leverages WEBRTC, users can attend face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues from anywhere!