AstriCC, let us present our Contact Center solution

We are proud to have a very powerful contact center solution.

AstriCC Contact Center Software is comprehensive and consolidated at the same time. It guarantees to provide the best Contact Center Experience that suits perfectly for all types of contact centers. Being one of the top VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution providers across the globe, AstriCloud ensures that its Contact Center System offers intelligence, security and advanced features, all at a very affordable price. AstriCC has been designed in a way to make sure that user loyalty is built and the customers’ expectations are accomplished.

Having more than a decade long experience in the VoIP industry, the founders of AstriCloud decided to come up with various innovative products for communication. Since we have hands-on experience working on numerous communication projects, we understand customer requirements and design the products that are efficient as well as user friendly. When it comes to developing innovative products for communication; performance, stability and small details like UI/UX become mandatory aspects. Therefore at AstriCloud we design and develop products that deliver performance and stability to its users. As a result, our products are very competitive in terms of price, performance and user friendliness.

AstriCC’s value proposition is based on FOUR key building blocks:

  • Contact center management – Based on our rich experience of working across markets worldwide, we understand the typical pain points faced by contact center agents and managers. Therefore, AstriCC platform has been designed keeping in mind the needs of these users from both, emerging & emerged markets. AstriCC platform is both modular and scalable and creates a secure and reliable environment for users to easily access relevant services from their systems. The system can seamlessly interface with any 3rd party CRM solution available in the market and offers multiple access mechanisms.

  • Best-in-class consumer experience – AstriCloud offers the ability to the end consumer to interact with the business owners through multiple access channels, thus making the consumer experience seamless and trouble-free. These channels could either be Email, Chat, Social Media or more traditional channels like Voice and SMS. The result is greater customer satisfaction, in turn increasing your profitability.

  • Deployment & operational excellence – AstriCloud has a long track record of successfully deploying complex deployments by adhering to the highest service levels for mission critical services. We adopt the highest international standards for quality and process control. This combined with an effective program management expertise helps our customers to launch innovative services within budgets and on time.

  • Flexible commercial models – AstriCloud is a willing partner to structure commercial agreements by providing CAPEX or OPEX options to align with our customer’s success and budgeting strategies.

AstriCloud takes pride in offering the following benefits to our customers –

  • Robust technology solution – Integrates easily and securely with any existing CRM and enables quicker service configuration and roll-out.

  • Investment into R&D – As a stable, profitable and fast-growing organisation, we continue to invest in R&D. This helps us offer innovative, compelling and competitive solutions to our customers.

  • Experienced and focused team of enterprise communication industry experts – Enterprise communication solution experts with over 50 years of cumulative experience in conceptualization, design, development and support of switching and billing products across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and America.

AstriCloud strongly believes that our technology strength, world-class delivery capabilities and post-delivery support makes us the partner of choice for our customers.

Special when we talking dialer:

  • Advanced Dialers: There are six types of dialers available in our software, which are as follows:

    • Predictive Dialer: A Predictive Dialer is an ideal tool for businesses with huge call volume. The Predictive Dialer has a functionality to anticipate when to place next call i.e. based on the number of agents and the stipulated average talk time it adjusts its calling pattern.

    • Progressive Dialer: Using the Progressive Dialer, contact centers can experience the productivity benefits of automatic dialing while ensuring each connected outbound call is delivered to an available agent. This dialer only dials when agents are ready, ensuring an increase in contact rates and a decrease in abandoned call rates.

    • Auto Dialer: The auto dialer feature of AstriCC will automate a crucial part of an outbound calling campaign in a Contact Center. This will fetch the leads from the database or CRM and call the number of leads as per the dial ratio. Once the call is connected, it will detect who is on the other side of the phone, a human or an answering machine or busy signal. If the system detects an answering machine or voicemail, it will be dropped at the same moment to save time and thus increase efficiency of the dial rate.

    • Promotional Dialer: It is used for broadcasting audio clips by calling to customers for promotional purposes. Promotional campaigns are created in the system and can be scheduled by a job.

    • Preview Dialer: An automatic telephone dialing system that dials from a list of numbers. It presents the agent with the information about the prospect or customer to be called and requires a response either to make the call or not to make the call. 

    • Manual Dialer: An agent can make an outbound call through this dialer by entering the number of the customer manually.

There are so lot more features we want to show, so please contact our sales team or 03-9212 0117