5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to HD Surveillance System

There are still many premises out there running CCTV on CVBS (Composite Video Blanking and Sync) System. It is a conventional analogue signal delivered through an analogue BNC connector. The images captured are blurry and hard to assess.
However, throughout the years High-Definition (HD) CCTV via coaxial cable has been developed. If you are still running conventional analogue CCTV, here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade to HD CCTV system.

  1. The cost is minimum

The cost to upgrade to HD CCTV is minimum as the existing coaxial cable can be reused. There is no need for additional wiring cost.

  1. Better Clarity

The video capture would be in HD quality. Thus, would provide a better assessment of an incident especially in recognising people or objects involved.

  1. Improved Night Vision

HD Camera System comes with clear night vision compared to conventional analogue CVBS system. The HD system was developed after the CVBS. Thus, the night vision was also much improved.

  1. Stability

HD Camera System provides stable images with almost zero down-time. This would greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

  1. Functionality

HD Surveillance System comes with more functions such as facial recognition and intruder alert. This would be very useful added features to prevent unwanted incident.
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