3CX v16 Reloaded: Alpha 2 Lands

Did you think that we were done with updates to 3CX v16? Not yet! The just released v16 Alpha 2 includes even more new features and upgrades for everyone. From all of us here at 3CX, have a Happy Holiday Season and enjoy the new 3CX v16 Alpha 2! Read on and keep coming back for more!

Web Client… Reloaded

3CX BLF Keys in the web clientAt last! You can now configure your own BLFs from the Web Client’s settings, without any administrator intervention. This much-anticipated feature enables you to manage and re-position your BLFs to your liking, simply by rebooting your deskphone to provision the new BLF settings.
The updated v16 Web Client also includes new unified “Switchboard” views to monitor and manage All Calls and Queue Calls, including:

  • Manager action shortcuts to login and logout managed queue agents.
  • Queue agent status info and individual call statistics per queue.
  • Analytic info and statistics for all calls and managed queues.

Extended Integration

We knew we were onto something good with the call journaling function to save new contact callers for later editing in your CRM. And at 3CX, when we find a cool feature we like to build on it, extending the call journaling function for all 3CX v16 supported CRMs. No more shuffling around tabs and apps to save a new contact in your CRM. 3CX does it for you!

3CX Instance Manager – Manage Multiple 3CX Installs

The all new 3CX Instance Manager
With 3CX v16 we introduce the new opt-in Instance Manager to optionally enable 3CX and authorized resellers, securely and transparently monitor or manage 3CX installs on Linux hosts. Inspired by our own internal monitoring tools, managed systems can be actively monitored, checked on resource usage, updated and proactively repaired for commonly faced issues. Enabling the Instance Manager requires no network or firewall configuration and can translate to higher reliability for monitored and managed 3CX systems. We always value your data privacy, so you always have full control of what is transparently shared and managed through this service.
This feature is entirely optional and at the discretion of the phone system admin.
Also, the updated Voicemail Transcription Service is now more reliable, moving to Google Speech API from the deprecated Microsoft Bing Speech Services. Follow the steps in our 3CX Voicemail Transcription guide to enable 3CX v16 to transcribe the first minute of recorded voicemail and send it via email for easy reading.

Cutting Edge Updates

3CX V16 brings built in support for HTTPS/2 in the nginx web server
The new 3CX v16 Alpha 2 brings with it a significant performance and security update with built-in support for HTTPS/2 in the nginx web server, while ensuring backwards compatibility with older clients and devices. For tech insiders and professionals, this simply means a raw speed and performance upgrade to take your 3CX experience up a notch!
Also, the extension import function has been extended to include DIDs already created in ”SIP Trunks”. This simplifies the setup of your PBX by enabling you to import extensions and assign already configured DIDs via CSV in one step.
And make sure to keep on the lookout for 3CX v16 new updates, like the Audio Prompt Sets to enable the cool new IVR features. Head on to “Settings” > “System Prompts” > “Updates” section, select the prompt set you are using and update.
Known Issues & Requirements

  • Preview for images “Chat” is not yet supported on Linux-based installs.
  • The move from Microsoft Bing to Google Speech for the Voicemail Transcription Service requires a new Google Speech API Key to be generated to replace the previous API key.
  • BLFs in Web Client are not properly displayed in Firefox due to recent browser updates, to be addressed in upcoming Beta releases.
  • Queue Manager logs do not rotate, to be addressed in upcoming Beta releases.
  • The “Instance Manager” function is not available if failover is configured or hosting mode is enabled.

How to Get the Alpha 2

Download the v16 Alpha 2 for Windows and Linux below or take it for a spin using our PBX Express tool and we’ll configure a brand new PBX for you to try!
Download links for:

Note: 3CX v16 Alpha 1 installs can be upgraded to Alpha 2 via “Updates” in the Management Console.
View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.
Important: The Alpha version must be installed only for evaluation purposes and not on production systems, as it cannot be upgraded to or restored via backup on Beta or Release versions. This version is not covered by any support SLA.