A luxurious new residential complex offering 53 residential units has been built. However, the developers did not want to offer flat owners just comfort, but also security.
They insisted on a modern access control system based on IP technology, which would be reliable yet not pose any restrictions. A system by 2N was chosen
A 2N® IP Verso was installed by the main entrance to the building, the residents are protected by the 2N® IP Safety unit in the parking garage and other typical entrances such as the cellar or bicycle storage room are secured with a 2N® Access Unit RFID.
All flat owners have their own RFID key-ring and a coded controller in their car to open the garage remotely. All doors in the building are security doors, some with a class 3 security rating (resistant to brute force and levering tools).
The web interface for the intercoms also has special functions that detect if a door has been left open for too long or if it has been opened by force. In such a case, a message is sent to the security agency.
The 2N access control system is integrated with a Milestone camera system, which is also managed by the security agency.
People are checked when entering the building using a 360° camera. In the event of a burglary or other preset events, notification is sent to the security agency, which evaluates the situation based on the footage from the camera and calls the police if necessary. The video recording is also kept in the building’s utility room.
Thanks to the integration of the 2N access control system, security doors and the camera system, which are managed by one security agency, the residential complex and its residents are reliably protected.
All doors have self-engaging locks, which means that doors are always automatically locked, preventing uninvited people from entering the building. If despite this, a resident has the feeling they are being followed into the garage, for example, they can press the emergency button on the 2N® IP Safety unit and notify the security agency, so that it can view the camera footage and call the police if necessary.
The entire comprehensive system is based on IP technology meaning that it is easy to install and can be administered remotely. Access control units and intercoms can be set up remotely in bulk via 2N® Access Commander and the security agency can monitor their status via this program in real time.
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