We are a cloud telecommunication provider using latest VOIP,Video Conferencing technology to help you work from anywhere and we also provide the world’s first Cloud Contact Center Solution


A leading one-stop smart security system provider. Offering innovative access control, alarms and surveillance solutions, with experts providing “peace of mind” to homeowners and businesses at affordable pricing.

Cloud based telecommunication services with monthly subscription and without expensive up front investments

Get a Cloud Based Omni Channel Contact Center Solution for a fixed monthly fee

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Talk to our consultants to design a perfect cost effective system with our building blocks

QUALITY services at AFFORDABLE Prices


Voice Bridge Cloud Service to ensure you can have a conference call from anywhere in the world


Cloud Call Center. Setup your call center in minutes. First Hosted Contact Center Software


Smart Security System. Offering innovative access control & surveillance solutions


Virtual Meeting room. Have a Video Conference from PC or mobile using your Web Browser.

Maintenance Plans

Do you have an existing CCTV, Door Access or Alarm system.

Sign Up for Maintenance and have it regularly serviced.
Providing prompt onsite service for all your security needs.


Modernize your Communication

Talk to us how AstriCloud can help modernize your communication infrastructure with Voice Prompts, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing so you can work from anywhere, anytime and cut your infrastructure and monthly cost by as much at 50% in most cases

Transform your Communications

Cut cost and run an advanced cloud based communication infrastructure and connect all your worldwide offices. Talk to us so we can assist you to design a scalable solution that can support multiple business units and branches from a single cloud based console

Seasonal fluctuations in employees or use of temps requiring many add/change orders to add new lines/phone numbers, and then scaling back in down periods.

The need to unify communication, integrating everything from remote offices to mobile and remote workers, as well as consolidating disparate standalone business services such as online fax and video conferencing.

Rapid business growth requiring the
addition of new locations and employees




year experience






PortSIP PBX v16.2.0 is Ready

Jan 18, 2024, PortSIP, a leading developer of next-generation unified communications solutions, announced the release of PortSIP PBX v16.2.0, available for both Windows and Linux

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TRACK & RECORD all Calls

Track all Calls made to a specific number and receive daily call reports. Perfect for

  • Tracking Offline Advertising on magazines or billboards
  • Tracking Home Based Tele-Sales Staff
  • Tracking Calls for Quality Control and Training Purposes in Customer Service